Mark Crosby

TRACER Success Story

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I have been running for 15-16 years. Originally, I started running to get in better shape and was only running about 10 miles a week. Since then, I have become much more interested in trail running and distance running. I have studied everything I can find on heart rate, lactate, thresholds, zones, and every aspect of running I can find (books and YouTube). I have put together my own training to complete everything from 5k to 50 miles.

So, when I started using TRACER I wasn’t sure what to expect or if it would truly benefit me. I used TRACER to train for two road marathons. Here is what I discovered. Using a coach with TRACER pushed me beyond what I would have done on my own. Knowing when and how much to do for each specific run had a real impact on my health and performance, not a surprise that a personal coaching program is much more effective than what I was getting from the internet.

One huge benefit was I trained without injury. I did pull my hamstring on a workout. Fortunately, it was a mild pull and I recovered within a few days. Sadly, that was the one day I did not completely follow the warmup, lesson learned. I have had some level of injury following my own training programs for every race I have run. Not only is it frustrating to be injured but financially each of these injuries comes with a price. I spend over $100 on physical therapy or chiropractor visits on every race. My cost for PT or a chiro while using TRACER, $0.

On the morning of the first marathon, I didn’t have high expectations. I was only able to get about 1 ½ hours of sleep and was dealing with stomach issues that started the day before. The stomach issues caused problems with fueling properly so the last 6 miles were very difficult. Even with all the issues I set a new PR.

Six weeks later I ran the second marathon under much better conditions and set a new PR. I still have not reached the time I feel capable of so there is more work to do but now I feel more confident than ever of being able to reach my goals. At 55 I am running faster than I have ever run at all distance.

Shortly after the 2nd marathon I ran a 5k. I started way in the back of the pack, not realizing there were prizes for each age division based on the gun time. It took a mile to break through the crowd before I could push my pace. I finished in 4th place for my age group (55 out of 400+ people).

I have never been a fast runner, but TRACER has definitely increased my speed at all distances. Just like a live coach, you must be honest with how you feel and the effort you make. TRACER is more affordable than a live coach and better than the internet or YouTube at customizing your personal training program to maximize your results. 

Mark Crosby

Magna, UT