Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRACER?

TRACER is a new mobile application that delivers adaptive, intelligent training guidance from elite coaches to endurance athletes. Users of TRACER receive workout recommendations that are specifically tailored to their individual goals, feelings, schedule and history. TRACER programs are: AWARE: How you feel is critical to how you should train. TRACER makes it easy to report feelings on a daily basis. FLEXIBLE: Life and training don't always go to plan. TRACER adjusts to your schedule and preferences, allowing you to train freely. INTELLIGENT: TRACER programs use your history and feedback to deliver a tailored workout recommendation from your coach.

Why was TRACER created?

Our team at TRACER thinks that endurance sports help many to become happier, better people, and training correctly is an essential element to our enjoyment, progress, and longevity in these sports. Professional one-on-one coaching is a powerful way to develop our fitness, but there’s a major challenge to it - the best coaches only have time for a select few, and most can’t afford to pay what a professional coach needs to charge. We created TRACER so that people can have training guidance from the best coaches in the world, personally adapted to them on a daily basis, and for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching.

How does TRACER work?

TRACER captures a particular coach’s knowledge and methodology through an extensive onboarding process where they make workout recommendations based on various athlete scenarios. With this data, and using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, a dynamic training program is created that acts as an accurate proxy for the coach. Athletes can then subscribe to receive personalized daily guidance from that coach. TRACER programs are not generic, they are literally a mapping of the coach’s intelligence and methods into software.

Who makes the workout recommendations that are provided in TRACER’s app?

The workouts and recommendations come from the coach of the training program that you chose! See the question “How does TRACER work?” for further details.

What coaches and training programs are available on TRACER?

Please see our “Programs & Coaches” page.

How does TRACER compare to a traditional training plan?

Static training plans/calendars, regardless of how well they are written, don’t take into account changing schedules, feelings, history, and recent workouts. These limitations leave the athlete guessing as to how to best adjust their training when things don’t go to plan (and things never go exactly to plan). Should an athlete do the workout they skipped yesterday, or should they do the one listed for today? Should they prioritize one workout over another? Should they jump right back into training if they were sick for a few days or had to take a work trip? TRACER programs dynamically adjust on a daily basis, and take into account all of these changing variables on the fly. These dynamic recommendations come from the intelligence and methodology of your coach that has been mapped into software using our unique technology. See “How does TRACER work?”

How does TRACER compare to direct personal coaching?

There are two main advantages to TRACER programs vs direct personal coaching: Having TRACER gives you unlimited access to workout recommendations from your chosen coach. If you change your schedule or aren’t feeling right, you push a button in the app and your training recommendations instantly update. Even if you were to hire a one-on-one personal coach, they would not be able to update your schedule as quickly and frequently as their equivalent TRACER program. TRACER is likely much less expensive than hiring a personal coach. That said, TRACER does not put you in direct contact with the coach. If you want someone who you can talk to directly, you’ll want to try to find someone who you trust that you can purchase direct coaching services from.

How much does TRACER cost?

We have not yet announced our pricing publicly. Stay tuned! A good estimate is that you will likely be able to train with TRACER programs for 4 months at the same price that you would expect to pay a typical personal coach every month.

Should I train with TRACER if I am injured or have a major illness?

No - TRACER is not designed to help guide people through injury or major illnesses.