Joey Wilson

TRACER Success Story

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OK, yes, I am one of the founders of TRACER, so you can take my testimonial with a grain of salt. But from the very beginning of TRACER, Jason (co-founder) and I decided we had no interest in building a gimmick. If our app couldn’t truly help people train better than a static plan, we didn’t want to carry it forward. So my testing of the app has been constant and very self-critical.

I have now gone through 3 training cycles, preparing for major goal events using the app. Each time, I can genuinely say that TRACER has helped me accomplish my goals. Here are the details of each block.

My first training block using TRACER was in early 2023, when I used the King Skimo program to prepare for the Wasatch Powderkeg 2023. My goal was 3 hours or less, and I used TRACER extensively as I trained for the race. I wanted to see how well the app was working, so I avoided talking to Max King and just went off the app. I could feel my fitness building each week, and on race day, I crossed the finish line in 2:57!

In the summer of 2023 I began to train for the Bear 100, a mountainous 100 mile race at the border of Utah and Idaho. At this point, Corrine Malcolm’s program was just coming into existence on TRACER, so I was one of the initial testers. It features weekly speed workouts, back-to-back long runs, medium long runs, and smart recovery days. I specifically remember feeling a bit nervous about the Speedplay workouts that it was giving me on race week. “Should I really be doing that or is the AI messed up?” I confirmed with Corrine. The results? I crushed my goal by over 3 hours and landed in the top 15% of the field on my first 100 miler! Here's a video of my experience!

I recently completed the Wasatch Powderkeg 2024 in 2:24, crushing last year’s time by over 30 minutes (slightly faster course but same amount of vert). Once again I used the King Skimo program to train. During this block, I again avoided getting any workout recommendations from Max. I just went off TRACER. Picture below!

As I have tested the app on myself and seen other users find success, I have a huge amount of confidence in what we have built. Does it genuinely help people accomplish their endurance goals? It sure has for me!

Joey Wilson

TRACER Co-Founder