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Max King

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Max King's Mountain Ultra Trail Base Training Program will help you build and maintain general fitness for ultra, trail, and mountain running when you don’t have a specific race goal planned. This program relies heavily on basic training fundamentals of easy mileage, threshold runs and long runs with an emphasis on hills and vertical gain. After an initial 2 week build up, the program will maintain the level you prescribe and are comfortable with during onboarding. This is a program that can be used year round between race buildups to maintain your fitness level and be race-ready at a moments notice. This program can be adapted to beginner runners to high mileage veterans. 

Max teaches you the value of each workout through detailed descriptions and explanation videos throughout the training process. 

When you enroll in the program you will be able to select how many days a week you prefer to run, any schedule conflicts such as your preferred day off or your preferred long run day, and what your current training volume is. Keep in mind that this is a maintenance base training program developed to maintain your fitness from your current fitness level and does not progress toward a specific race date. Once you have a race date in mind you can enroll in a specific training program to help you progress toward your race goal. 


When you subscribe to this program, you should have a good idea of the weekly volume you are comfortable maintaining over several months and start the program injury-free.


Max is a living legend in the world of running and brings a massive amount of experience and enthusiasm to TRACER. Put simply, Max lives and breathes running – whether that's racing, training or helping runners of all ages with his wealth of knowledge. Based in Bend, Oregon, Max has raced and won over a huge range of distances and terrain, including winning both the World Mountain Running Championship in 2011 and the 100km World Championship in 2014. A 4-time Olympic Trials Qualifier in the marathon and steeplechase, there is no race too short or too long for Max. He's as passionate on a 5km shakeout run as he is on the startline of a 100 mile. 

Max has prided himself on being able to run anything from 3k steeple to obstacle courses to 100-mile ultras, adventure races, orienteering, and everything that involves moving on two feet. Recently he has taken on several projects to give back to the running community. He is a co-director of the Max King Trail Running Camps for youth and adults, the co-director of the Bend Marathon, and an advocate for youth running and public lands. 

Max has been coaching runners of all ages for over 15 years and loves helping runners achieve goals, but more importantly encourages a healthy relationship with running so that it becomes a lifelong sport. 

Check out his TRACER programs in marathon and base training to help you reach your goals, maintain fitness on the trail, and excel in maximizing your training time.