What if my training calendar looks too easy or too hard?

As you begin a TRACER training program, you may feel like the overall load of the program looks too easy or too hard. There are a couple of things to consider while you evaluate this question:

  1. Coaches often start with a build-up period, so you'll likely see an easier schedule in the first few weeks.

  2. Most professional coaches will prescribe a lot of easy activities. Lower intensity efforts are essential to build aerobic efficiency, the foundation of endurance fitness, so you'll see that most days are "easy." It's supposed to be that way, and you'll likely see a lot of progress if you do them.

  3. You're getting a program designed by a professional for a reason: to tell you what to do! Be careful not to dismiss a training schedule because it's different from what you normally do. That's the point!

If you're still feeling like your schedule is too easy or too hard, you can adjust it with the following methods:

  1. Change your availability to train more or less days in the week. Learn how to adjust your schedule in this video:

  2. Update the answers to your onboarding questions. To do so, click on the "Program" tab at the bottom of your mobile app screen, or on the upper left if you are viewing TRACER from a wide screen. See how in the following video: