How do I enter cross training or activities that don't match my coach's program?

There are two ways to handle cross training in TRACER.

  1. Use the "Cross Training" workout in your coach's program. This should be used when you do a sport different than the target sport of your program. Say, you went for a bike ride while on a running program. Try to estimate the total load that cross training had on your body: low, medium, or high, and then enter it in drop-down. It doesn't have to be perfect.

  2. Pick a workout that is close to what you did, even if it's not perfect. Let's say your coach gave you an easy run of 60 minutes, but you went with a group of friends who are faster than you, and you ended up running close to threshold for a while. Look through the workouts of your program and choose one that is similar to what you did. It doesn't have to be perfect, just give the program an idea and it will adjust accordingly.